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May 19th, 2007

03:15 pm - passion and pride
so... I found this from highschool... and decided to post it.   YES!  i was obsessed with Oakmont's band... and YES!  i still am.  but not as bad.  but here is something to share: 

Passion and Pride


            A wave of green and white moving in unison across the freshly cut grass, hearts pounding, minds focused, legs making perfect steps, perfect lines soon forming out of nothingness, outstanding sense of focus, confidence seems contagious, energy seers through the talent, slowly making its way across the field, hard work showing through the determined eyes of everyone, in place, waiting and ready to show the power from within, a simple wave of three pairs of arms and the emotion starts to flow through the bells on the field,  pictures appearing, beautiful music impressing the ears of innocent bystanders, some there just to watch, some there for judgment, ready to pounce on any mistake.

            WITH PRIDE, the beautiful music ending, applause erupting, pride gleaming from everyone on the field, a tap of the drum, perfect lines returning, the wave of green and white moves once again in unison, sweat beading, tears flowing, the drum majors salute, a gold medal is now ours, the band, cheering and crying, runs on the field to claim what they’ve deserved for so long, filled with pride, no regrets, the music formed still seems to be ringing in the ears of the band along with the memories of what is now over.

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March 31st, 2007

12:34 am - grr... ranting
soo... College is a place of self discovery, and a right of passage.  It really is, they weren't lying.  But, I almost want to go back.  I love it here, i really do.  But being here is making me understand and see all thie things that I denied all through highschool.  I kind of liked the denial stage, i didnt have to know the truth.  College has definitely changed us all... for some, they have discovered that maybe english was not what they wanted, or maybe they don't want to be a doctor.  For others, they have either found that they are in the right place, or that college isnt for them at all.

I'm one of the lucky ones... I feel like I am exactly where I want to be in life.  Its permanent.  Music is who I am, its who I was, and who I will be.  Its what I will teach, and as of right now, nothing could change that.  This much I am certain of.

College also shows you truth in other places.  It shows you how much you love being out of the house, that maybe "home IS where the heart is" but at the same time, showing you that family is such a valuable thing, that you never knew how much you could miss... granted, its great being out of the house.

Then, college shows you the truth of friendships... this is where I guess I would have preferred to stay in the dark.  When I first started here, I couldnt deal with the fact that maybe it was "meant to be" to lose touch with some of your best friends... it wasnt real to me, and I refused to believe it.  I did, and still do, everything in my power to maintain the relationships that I have with everyone, cause I LOVED what we all had.  But things change, the group is slowly splitting, and people are growing apart.  Reality is a bitch.

Unfortunately, i'm losing touch with the ones that I knew i would, which is scarey, cause they are the ones i feared I would.  A couple of my friends remained the same, we still talk all the time, and are closer than we were all through highschool.  Others, I feel that if I were to stop talking to them, to stop IMing them, texting them, stop trying... that I would lose touch altogether.

They have this amazing ability to move on completely, to forget everything that we had, like it was nothing.  This is something Im slowly realizing.  I was keeping in touch with everyone... but only because i was making an effort to do so, like, maybe I'm the only crazed one that wants to keep in touch with my highschool friends while the entire world spins without me.  does anyone think I'm crazy?  I feel like I'm thinking very clearly... this isnt worrying, this isnt overreaction, its truth.  I decided that this week, I would stop IMing a few people, to see if maybe they even considered the fact that I wasnt around, that something had changed.  nothing.

be aware... something they don't tell you in the college pamphlets...

it makes you think.

i'm going to bed... dreams are a great place.
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March 30th, 2007

10:12 am - hokay so...

I have a live journal now.  it was time.  damn, i never know what to say in these things.  ummmmmmm  I REAAlllyy can't wait for this semester to end.  seriously.  but at the same time, I'm gonna miss it a lot.  i love hanging out with these UML girlies.  we have such extreme times.  like seriously, Frostys at midnight and the Sound of Music.  how spontaneous can you get??  so many more good times to come. 
Last night we saw Godspell put on by our own Off Broadway Players club here at UML.  I must say, it was quite the show, i was impressed.  It was really a good time.  I owe a shout out to all of them

           GOOD JOB GUYS!!!
                           it was fantastic =)

but yea, I'm off to maybe actually start doing work.  I need to catch up, I've been slacking.  Oh, and if anyone's wondering....  I love UML <3.  I really like this school a lot, and I like this music program, and I like these people.  and I'm really looking forward to the next four years here.  just in case anyone was wondering how i liked school...

                                                                         alright, I'm out.

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